IPS Institute.
A Sustainable Brand System.

In collaboration with Dosdecadatres 

We were commissioned to create the visual identity of the Institute for Sustainable Production (IPS), but we went beyond, we developed a Brand System. The task was to apply the sustainability idea in a brand design. But how can be a brand visual identity sustainable? Making a renewable, recyclable, and reusable and environmentally responsible flexible system.
“To do more with less" is an important aspect of sustainability. This system is recyclable because the same shape can be combined with others creating new pieces. Renewable, because of the high capacity of combination between shapes creating other alternatives. Reusable, because the same shape can be used in several occasions throughout the life of the brand.

The Brand Kit has three main tools and are made to know, understand, generate and apply the visual identity to countless media and formats, the result is simple and functional .

Step 1 → Read the BrandPaper, The new and sustainable version of classic brand book. How to create graphics, motion-graphics or illustration style… everything is inside the BrandPaper. Printed with ecological inks and certified recycled paper in single sheets which allows be easily updated.

Step 2 → Use the BrandBox: These wooden pieces are made to play with hands and to generate new graphics easily. The choice of wood was due to it is a renewable raw material. Also, the act of create new graphics, it’s a sustainable fact in itself because there is no need of electricity with any waste.

Step 3 → Log in the IPS App: A brand app to convert physical graphics into digital ready-to-use files.  


GFeatured on Étapes magazine France
Concept, Art Direction and Design: Dosdecadatres & Mazo
Client: Institute for Sustainable Production (IPS)